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St John of God Hospital Geelong

Bringing light and life to burgeoning Geelong


Geelong had received an injection of health care funding, including $227M for its new Epworth Hospital. Our objective was to grow market share for St John of God Health Care by creating a state-of-the-art facility that would attract and retain the best surgical team and medical staff in a very competitive environment.

“The hospital will be not only a beacon of hope for people, but one of the great institutions for St John of God Health Care. The whole organisation can be so, so proud.”

Stephen Roberts, Chief Executive Officer


We created a centre of excellence for cardiothoracic services that utilised salutogenic principals to provide life-saving cardiothoracic care for people within the Geelong region.  

We started by identifying a location within the landlocked site that would allow for the most efficiencies in care once complete, as well as during the decanting and relocation process. Through this process, we were able to transform the former ICU building into an upgraded and specialised cardiac ward. 

Central to the new 12 bed ICU design is a central flight deck space with a lofty cathedral ceiling. High-level glazing brings an abundance of natural light into the ward throughout the day and assists in the minimisation of intensive care psychosis. In addition, every bed receives access to sunlight and views outside to aid in patient comfort, connection and recovery. 

The flight deck’s circular layout provides exceptional visibility of each patient and reduces distances of travel for staff, enabling care givers to provide the best possible support to critically ill patients.

"It’s very lucky that every room has external views, as well as the cathedral ceilings. I like the people, the environment and the patients, everyone knows each other and it still has that real homely feel. It’s just a nice place to come to work.”

Matt Young, Intensive Care Nurse Unit Manager


St John of God Geelong is providing services to the region the previously would have had to involve travel into Melbourne. It is a healthy, inspiring and efficient space that the team are proud of and are confident to deliver their best in. 

The new ward includes a 12 bed ICU with associated staff and public facilities, a multi-purpose education facility, a Nurse Unit Managers office, and the expansion of the existing theatre department with an additional catheterisation lab, operating theatre, and associated rooms. 

The world-class facility is also looking firmly to the future, providing early intervention and treatment to patients in addition to cardiac rehabilitation to prevent secondary cardiac occurrences.


St John of God Geelong, Myers St, Geelong VIC




Institutional Design (Shortlisted) - Interior Design Excellence Awards, 2017

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