A one-of-a-kind extreme sports facility, becomes a world first in Australia

Location: 22 Showground Road, Castle Hill NSW
Status: In Planning

Woodward Sydney is Castle Hills newest extreme action sports facility, and the first of its kind in Australia. It is earmarked as their most innovative concept to date – and a model for future urban centres.

Woodward, an American owned company, specialises in the design and construction of extreme sporting amenities and this three-level, 3650-square-metre site will be their first international project. Our Sydney team led the base-build and exterior façade design whilst Woodward have focused their energies on the internal design which will feature skateboarding, BMX, snowboarding, skiing, rock climbing, bouldering and more.

The design focuses on creating a prominent destination where the community can watch, partake and enjoy a myriad of sporting and social activities. Activated frontages, green spaces and urban streets create connection to the surrounding neighbourhood and blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

Through close collaboration with both the American & Australian Woodward teams, we have been able to navigate the colocation of these sporting activities within one internal space. Whilst also ensuring the architecture compliments the unique blend of innovative environments.