Emily Flint

Senior Architect, RAIA

BEnvArch, MArch (UniMelb)

"Inclusive education design isn't just about creating a level playing field, it's about tapping into the unique strengths and talents of every learner. By embracing diversity, we create learning spaces that are more engaging, innovative and enriching for everyone."

Emily is passionate about the role of education in creating positive societal change, and the power of educational design to help school communities realise their educational vision. A Senior Architect in our Education team, she brings to her role a decade of specialisation and a stint working with a residential practice, which broadened her perspective on what’s possible.

Strongly collaborative and a natural teacher herself, Emily works closely with school communities to create learning environments that support their educational values and aspirations. She also mentors younger colleagues, ensuring they not only contribute to successful project outcomes but understand the overarching vision and values.

Outstanding communication skills, diverse projects and expertise gained on every phase of design and delivery make Emily a highly regarded leader. She brings everyone along on the journey, and ensures every project, from small refurbishments through to new schools, positively impact the experiences of staff and students.

Inclusive design for the benefit of all is a particular focus. So is learner-focused design. Emily believes differentiated learning spaces that allow children to find a space that best suits their learning are crucial. Although they’re evident in the early years, they’re sometimes lost as children age and adapt to more restricted ways of learning. Watching her own child grow and learn have underlined for her the importance of these central tenets of her work.

Emily has been involved in Learning Environments Australasia since 2014 and a Victorian Chapter Committee member since 2020. She sees LEA as a great example of designers and educators working together – connecting, listening and collaborating – to create the best outcomes.