Lawden Holmes

Senior Project Leader

BArchBAS (UCT), March

"I’m a solutions-based thinker, always looking for creative ways to address challenges and achieve project goals."

Lawden brings 10 years’ international experience to our Mixed-Use team, much of it in South Africa working in a broad range of projects including schools, public space projects for marginalised communities, government hospitals, and high-end multi-story residential buildings with mixed-use components.

Client focused and innovative, he meets clients’ requirements and preferences with tailored solutions that creatively address challenges and achieve project goals. He has a strong design background and is always up for a challenge. Lawden relishes the opportunity to push the boundaries of materials and technologies, creating designs that are efficient as well as sustainable - environmentally, socially and financially. He’s committed to making a positive impact on people and planet, and works tirelessly to find the best design solution for each project he undertakes.

Lawden’s BIM expertise, people skills and varied experience allow him to manage projects smoothly, ensuring timelines are met and budgets are adhered to. His overarching philosophy is that as designers we should be creating the spaces we wish existed. It’s this vision, empathy and creativity he brings to every project.