Stephanie Wan

Senior Associate, RAIA

Bach. Arch (Hons) UniMelb


“To shape meaningful architecture you need the obvious design and technical skills, but what is actually as important, especially in education, is empathy.”

Stephanie Wan is not short on design and technical skills. Those gifts were obvious back in high school in Mauritius, where she was awarded a scholarship to pursue tertiary education in the discipline and country of her choice. A critical thinker who loves the theories underpinning design as much as its practical applications, she opted for architecture at Melbourne Uni. 

Fifteen years in architecture, working in diverse sectors here and in Singapore, has shown her the importance of interpersonal skills and empathy in achieving successful projects with social impact. Steph says that’s what allows designers to truly understand project aspirations from different points of view and realise them in a refined, coherent way. ClarkeHopkinsClarke’s empathetic design approach felt like a great fit from the start.

Steph is an accomplished project lead and energetic all-rounder in our education team. Clients appreciate her approachability, ongoing liaison and deft negotiating. She makes sure projects are executed skilfully and delivered as seamlessly as possible for all concerned. For colleagues she’s a well-respected mentor and go-to about anything from design strategies to contractual issues.

Steph grew up in a family of teachers, which gave her an appreciation of the impact a good education can have on people’s lives. She’s passionate about every single education project she works on and loves the opportunity to be part of the journey that schools undertake to evolve into more learner-centric environments.  Working directly with users – leadership groups, teachers and students – to understand their aspirations, find common ground, and translate this into spaces that reflect the school’s identity and pedagogical approach is as fascinating to her now as it was on day one.