Ceduna Art & Cultural Centre

A place to retain knowledge and connection to country

Location: Far West Coast Country, Ceduna, South Australia 5690
Status: Town Planning

The Ceduna Arts and Culture Centre is a new community hub in the centre of Ceduna that aims to build a presence for the Aboriginal community. It includes a visitors’ centre, language and history centre, gallery, events hall, restaurant, artists workshops and offices. The site is located on the main street of Ceduna, one block back from the beach. It is approximately 4,000m2 with the northern half of the site reserved for landscape.

A park runs along the north of the site and weaves through the buildings to enhance the indoor-outdoor feeling and connection to Country. The park offers a range of spaces for yarning, events, relaxation, play and learning and is to be designed with the Elders to embed knowledge and storytelling into the landscape.

The Ceduna Aboriginal Corporation is the leading Indigenous body advocating for and delivering quality social and economic development opportunities for Aboriginal people. They aim to improve the lives of Aboriginal People in Ceduna and surrounds, be a Voice for the community and create a pathway to a great cultural, social and economic future.