Graham Bennett

Senior Architect, RAIA

BArchStudies (Melb), MArch

I love seeing a building morph from lines on a page into three-dimensional form. My goal is to create the very best space possible for users.”

As a project architect in our Education sector Graham delivers all-important continuity for our clients, from initial concept to final coat of paint. He’s focused on understanding clients’ needs, translating them into built form, working with engineers, builders and consultants to ensure a smooth construction process, and delivering projects that embody design intent.

Diplomatic and systematic, Graham ensures the problem-solving inevitably required for a smooth construction process doesn’t inadvertently erode the vision that drives great outcomes. He’s part of our QMS team and uses his procedural expertise and eye for detail to deliver projects on time, on budget, and using best practice.

Graham’s motivated by the impact and longevity of educational design. He thrives on the challenge of designing for diverse users from Early Learning to Year 12 and creating spaces that shape their educational experience. He relishes the opportunity to help schools interpret 21st-century learning methodologies and models in ways that suit them and their communities to a tee.