Phillip Ng

Senior Architect, RAIA

BDesign (Arch), MArch, Deakin University

For me, good design is all about enriching experience.”

As a Senior Architect with more than eight years’ experience in our Education team, Phil is a multi-skilled leader with strong expertise in project delivery. His primary focus is design development and contract documentation and administration. Hands-on and proactive, he’s often on site or working with project teams to ensure the construction process is efficient, transparent and enjoyable for all stakeholders.

Residential experience working on new houses, townhouses and renovations early his career sparked Phil’s love of learning on site, particularly the finer points of detailing, constructability and cost and smart ways to balance all three. He’s calm under pressure and solutions focused, and draws on excellent management and communication skills to foster strong relationships with clients, consultants and contractors.

Design seems like a natural pursuit for Phil. He has always been intrigued by the way living organisms interact with the inanimate, and by the influence of objects and the built environment on our emotions, perceptions and habits. A keen landscape and architectural photographer, his pursuit of compositional balance and compelling imagery inform his considered design process.