Verna Tangtatco

Senior Architect, RAIA

BScArch (University of the Phillipines), Registered Architect, ARBV

"I hope that from the moment I shake hands with a client, whether they’re new or a regular, they know they’re in good hands."

Verna’s 10 years’ experience leading complex, large-scale Mixed-Use projects makes her a highly valued go-to at CHC. Her broad project experience spans neighbourhood activity centres and Mixed-Use communities that include medium-density residential living such as townhouses and apartments, as well as specialty retail, childcare, swim centres and supermarkets.

Methodical, organised and graceful under pressure, Verna is an empowering mentor who brings out the best in team members. She leads by example and takes pride in creating strong, adaptable, respectful teams, knowing they’re the surest route to delivering successful projects.

As a Senior Project Leader Verna delivers a project from the time a client approves renders. With practicality and quiet confidence she shepherds designs through planning, documentation and construction, solving problems as they arise with the efficiency of an experienced all-rounder.

Verna’s motivation as an architect is contributing to a person and a community’s wellbeing by providing facilities that take care of their needs. As a mentor she’s driven by her ability to help colleagues expand their skillsets, knowledge and experience. Clients and consultants recognise in her someone who understands and invests time and energy liaising with their people too, in the knowledge that they’re the foundation of a job well done.

Selected Work

Tribeca Laneway Tribeca Laneway

Tribeca Village

Tribecca Village was created with a bold vision: to provide a delicate balance of urban, natural coastal and rural residential within a living environment.

Chc Leopoldshoppingcentre 06 Chc Leopoldshoppingcentre 06

Gateway Plaza Leopold

Gateway Plaza goes beyond the usual developer specs to create generous volumes, visible sky, and a lovely quality of light that leaves shoppers and retailers feeling comfortable, relaxed, and happy to hang out here.

Club Rathdowne Clarke Hopkins Clarke 05 Club Rathdowne Clarke Hopkins Clarke 05

Club Rathdowne

Club Rathdowne is designed as the focal point for the new Rathdowne Estate Community. The club provides a communal space for residents to come together with family and friends, building a strong sense of community.