Education environments are continuing to shift from teacher-centred to student-centred configurations. Increasingly educators are recognising that the majority of learning occurs through interaction and problem solving with peers rather than through traditional ‘teacher speaks, student listens’ formats. This approach utilizes diverse modes of learning and requires the support of engaging and exciting learning spaces that can be easily reconfigured to create a variety of learning settings.

At ClarkeHopkinsClarke we value the relationships developed through partnering with schools and communities to plan, design and deliver learning spaces that are tailored to their needs, requirements and specific pedagogical approach. Our team has a passion for creating learning environments that link pedagogy with space to deliver outstanding education facilities that support the needs of all learners and reflect the values of each school community.

Partners Wayne Stephens, and Simon Le Nepveu, as well as Associates Liz Kuiper, Jim Wilmot, Jennifer Rodezno and Kesha Chakhvorostov lead our Education sector team.