Simon Le Nepveu

Partner, RAIA

BArch (University of Melbourne), Accredited Learning Environment Planner (ALEP)

“My purpose is to create environments that will inspire passionate life-long learning.”

Simon Le Nepveu has been an architect of learning environments for 15 years and is one of only a handful in Australia with the internationally recognised Accredited Learning Environments ALEP qualification. 

His expertise ranges from masterplanning established campuses to expanding and revitalising existing infrastructure and developing vibrant new schools in key growth areas. 

Simon considers it both his purpose and his responsibility to design spaces that will inspire passionate, lifelong learners. And he considers everyone to be a learner; students, educators, administrators, decision makers and architects, with every school project representing an opportunity to empower the members of its community to grow and evolve.

In the creation of new learning environments Simon is progressive, inclusive and collaborative, as a leader, he is considered, balanced and articulate. He takes a holistic approach to understand each school’s unique context and values, and he guides his team to successfully translate pedagogy into built space.

Simon is a Partner at ClarkeHopkinsClarke leading our education sector. He serves as part of the research project ‘BuildingConnections’, led by The University of Melbourne, which will push the boundaries of what a school is, how it can have greater value as a community asset and practical ways to replicate this in future schools.

Selected Work

Chc Armstrong Creek School 05 Chc Armstrong Creek School 05

Victorian New Schools PPP

The schools also feature a clear emphasis on diversity and inclusivity, ensuring equitable access for all abilities.

Chc Mernda Central P12 04 Chc Mernda Central P12 04

Mernda Central P-12 College

Mernda Central P-12 College has been conceived as a place that students will want to attend, both during school and after school; an educational hub for children of all ages.